The idea of forming a social organisation came up during a charity drive. When we went for a charity drive in slums, we were able to address problems related to education in slums. The major points which were a major concern were:

  1. Lack of awareness of Importance of education.
  2. Lack of awareness of hygiene.
  3. Lack of awareness of Right to Education Act.
  4. Lack of interest and Enthusiasm in kids regarding Education.
  5. Lack of a proper platform for kids to showcase their talents.

So we created a small school for kids and started a initiative to try to give them an atmosphere where they can learn and develop their personality and we can create and interest in them regarding education. Thereafter, we successfully achieved following milestones in our short journey of wings till now.

November 18, 2018 – LAKSHYA, First of its kind sports fest. Organized by Wings and supported by HUHC And UDDESSHYA.

October 31, 2018 – An initiative to bring the talent of kids right in front of people. Arts and Crafts Mela. Made by kids sold by volunteers.